This site is used to translate OpenStack projects and documentation into various languages.

The release notes translation resource is available at master branch for all release cycle.

(Note: Please translate releasenotes later. There is probably a reno issue which may cause string changes and it needs to be fixed.)

Translation plan

Newton translation ( ~ 2016 October 1)

For the Newton release, please translate in stable-newton branch, not master branch.

  • Dashboard - Horizon (High)
  • Dashboard Authorization Page (High)
  • Trove Dashboard (Medium)
  • Sahara Dashboard (Medium)
  • Murano Dashboard (Low)
  • Magnum UI (Low)
  • Designate Dashboard (Low)

Document translation for Mitaka ( ~ 2016 August)

  • install-guide for Mitaka: go to openstack-manuals stable-mitaka version and select "install-guide" and "common" from the document list.
  • user-guide: go to openstack-manuals master version and select user-guide from the document list.
  • api-quick-start: go to api-site master version and select api-quick-start from the document list.

How to join

Before you start the translation here, you may want to read OpenStack I18n Guide.

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Translation sources

If you want to check location of strings, you can download always current translation source files.