Welcome here for translating OpenStack projects and documentation into various languages.

  • Zanata (translation platform) has upgraded to 3.9.6. If you experience unfamiliar issues, please ping to ianychoi and/or #openstack-infra IRC channel.

[Local language team information] Please visit https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/I18nTeam/team page for the list of local language teams.

[How to join] Before you start the translation here, you may want to read OpenStack I18n Guide.

OpenStack I18n team - Translation Plan & Priority

  • Apr 25 2017: User survey translation is now available at Zanata!
  • Mar 21 2017: Pike Dashboard translation plan & priority have been updated. If some changes are needed, please share your thoughts! I18n team will discuss it during Boston Summit & Forum.
  • Feb 2017: Ocata is planned on 2017-02-22 as an initial release date. Thanks all for translation contribution during Ocata cycle!

Translation plan & priority during Pike cycle

Pike Dashboard translation (master version before stable-pike version creation, around July 2017)

The following projects are being considered as translation plan with priority in I18n team:

  1. Dashboard - Horizon (High)
  2. Dashboard Authorization Page (High)
  3. Magnum UI (Medium)
  4. Trove Dashboard (Medium)
  5. Sahara Dashboard (Medium)
  6. neutron-lbaas-dashboard (Medium)
  7. Murano Dashboard (Low)
  8. Designate Dashboard (Low)
  9. TripleO UI (Low)

Document translation for Ocata (March ~ July 15 2017)

During all periods

  • Others
  • Release notes (master branch for all the projects related to releases)
  • For all server and oslo-* projects, -logs- projects are no longer synced to project repositories.
  • OpenStack CLI (OpenStackClient - OSC or python-openstackclient)
  • I18n contributor guide will be considered after translation support is available soon.
  • Note: install tutorials will not be included in translation plans for Ocata & Pike.

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Translation sources

If you want to check location of strings, you can download always current translation source files.

[Archived] translation plans & priority during Ocata cycle

Ocata Dashboard translation (January 2017 ~ Final RCs and intermediary releases)

  • (stable-ocata) Ocata Dashboard translation (I18n team waits for some projects to create stable/ocata branch. After then, all versions will be targeted to stable-ocata. -> All 12 projects now have stable/ocata branch as of Feb 21 2017.)
  • Dashboard - Horizon (High)
  • Dashboard Authorization Page (High)
  • neutron-lbaas-dashboard (High)
  • Trove Dashboard (Medium)
  • Sahara Dashboard (Medium)
  • Murano Dashboard (Low)
  • Magnum UI (Low)
  • Designate Dashboard (Low)

Document translation for Newton ( ~ December 2016)

[Archived] translation plans & priority during Newton cycle

  • Oct 2016: The release notes translation resource is available at master branch for all release cycle.
  • Oct 2016: stable-newton version content was merged to master version. Please go to master version for translation contribution on all of resources. stable-newton version resources are open for mainly translation of fixed strings, correcting translation errors and bugs.

Newton translation ( ~ 2016 October 1)

For the Newton release, please translate in stable-newton branch, not master branch.

  • Dashboard - Horizon (High)
  • Dashboard Authorization Page (High)
  • Trove Dashboard (Medium)
  • Sahara Dashboard (Medium)
  • Murano Dashboard (Low)
  • Magnum UI (Low)
  • Designate Dashboard (Low)

Document translation for Mitaka ( ~ 2016 August)

  • install-guide for Mitaka: go to openstack-manuals stable-mitaka version and select "install-guide" and "common" from the document list.
  • user-guide: go to openstack-manuals master version and select user-guide from the document list.
  • api-quick-start: go to api-site master version and select api-quick-start from the document list.