Welcome here for translating OpenStack projects and documentation into various languages.

Translation plan & priority

R-3 is Hard StringFreeze, and R-1 is for Final RCs - see now the latest release schedule at OpenStack Release .

Other usual priorities

Documentation translation Dashboard

OpenStack contributor guide translation

I18n contributor guide translation

Foundation led artifacts

OpenStack Translation bug fix for stable branches

Please reach I18n SIG lead if translation contribution would be intensive during R-3 to R-1. Without mentioning, I18n SIG will not coordinate translation artifacts during hot release weeks while most project switched to stable branch.

Local language team information

Please visit https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/I18nTeam/team page for the list of local language teams.

How to join

Before you start the translation here, you may want to read OpenStack I18n Guide.

Contact us

Translation sources

If you want to check location of strings, you can download always current translation source files.